About TreadTrader

Established by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, TreadTrader.com is an endeavor towards establishing a comprehensive online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. At TreadTrader, our aim is to source each and every desired auto part for buyers by connecting them with sellers throughout the country. We are committed to simplifying the buying/selling process by regularly pruning, moderating and streamlining the process. Based out of Dallas, Texas, we have a national reach and strive to source the hardest to find parts for you, quality used vehicles, outstanding treads and awesome deals.

Other than the marketplace, we are also committed to building a community of car enthusiasts who can share their knowledge and connect with like-minded people throughout the country. We encourage our members to stay abreast of latest events, car auctions, races and car shows by participating on TreadTrader.com.

Following is a broad breakdown of what all you can expect to find at TreadTrader.com


The Classifieds section of TreadTrader.com is a source of listings from sellers detailing auto parts and other auto items.  These listings generally comprise pictures, specifications and other essential details. The section is also home to buyer listings about products they are currently looking for. The section is the core part of TreadTrader.com and this is where all the buying selling activities take place.


Our Forums section is the place for socializing with other car enthusiasts. It is a place where members can communicate and discuss various auto related issues, news and other hot topics. Here you can ask questions about any car related subject, including auto repair, restoration and customization and expect answers from members who have had similar experiences in the past. You can rate responses, pass commends and connect with these members. This is our endeavor to build a platform where people with similar interests can connect and socialize.


Unique to TreadTrader.com, we have devised a special events page to list events that take place across the country that may be of special interest to our members. If you are in the market for a new ride, look no further because treadtrader.com now list auto auctions going on in locations near you! By signing up with us, you will be able to access up-to-date auction listings for all monthly auctions in your area, updated daily.

We also have listings in the event section that will lead you to auto shows, expositions, museums, races and other types of car and bike competitions. We try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, and we encourage our members to share with us anything going on in their area that we might have missed.

Questions and Answers

From time to time, we know that even the most experienced car enthusiast will have questions that he simply cannot answer. When this happens, we invite you to post your question on TreadTrader.com, and open it up for answers and discussion by the members. The extensive experience and knowledge of members will help you find the answers to your questions in no time. On the other hand, if you come across a question that you are capable of solving, feel free to add your input. Such contribution will not only help the community learn from your extensive experience but will also give you a chance to gain reputation and gratitude of fellow members.