What is TreadTrader?
TreadTrader is an online marketplace where buyers can connect with sellers for fulfilling their requirements for auto parts, vehicles, tires and other vehicle accessories.

Other than the marketplace, we are also home to an active community where members discuss cars, auto parts, recent developments in the industry and, everything else cars. The forum is a useful place to put forward your questions, find answers to your questions, and help other people resolve their queries & connect with likeminded people.

We also keep a repository of car events, such as auctions, races, expos etc, in your vicinity. Members are encouraged to add to discussions and provide their valuable expertise and experiential knowledge.

How much does it cost to use TreadTrader?
TreadTrader is completely FREE!

What all services are available on TreadTrader?
TreadTrader allows you to post seller listings, post buyer listings, participate in forum discussions, post questions, answer questions, browse events in nearby areas and connect with fellow vehicle enthusiasts.

How does TreadTrader use the member information?
TreadTrader values member information and does not sell to third parties for profit. We only use the member information to personalize their experience on the website and deliver relevant content and listings to them. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.


How long are my listings posted?
All listings are posted for 30 days.  After 30 days, your listing expires and you can either repost the listing or delete the listing.

How much does it cost to post a listing?
All listings are complete FREE!

What are the stars that appear on the listing pages?
The stars that appear on the listing pages allow you to quickly add an item to your watchlist. Watchlist is a handy way to keep a track of updates on your favorite products. Clicking the star next to the product will add it to your watchlist. When a seller deletes an item, it’s automatically deleted from your watchlist.

What does the orange “Renew” button mean in my account listing?
Every 7 days, you are able to move your listing to the top of all listings by clicking the “Renew” button.  Renewing your listing will move your listing to the top of all the listings.  After 30 days, your listing expires and you will need to repost the listing.

Does TreadTrader guarantee the listing details?
TreadTrader is not responsible for the accuracy of the listings.  All agreements are between the buyer and seller directly.  Sellers assume all responsibility for their listings.

Account Details

How do I manage my account details?
In the top navigation, click the “My Account” link.  From there, you will be able to manage your account details, listings, events, etc.

How do I close my account?
We are sorry to see you leave. If you want to close your account, click the “Settings” link under “My Account” and then click the “Close my account” button.  If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.


What is the Answers section?
The Answers section allows you to post questions and receive feedback from other TreadTrader members.  Other members are able to view your question and either post a reply or vote for another answer.

What are the up and down arrows on the questions and answers?
The arrows allow you to vote on questions and answers.  If you are viewing a specific question and you see an answer that’s helpful, click the up arrow to vote the answer up.  If you don’t think that was the correct answer you can vote the item down and submit your own answer.

If you are viewing questions, you can vote up a question that you may also have.   

What kind of questions can I post in the Answers section?
The Answers section lets you post any kind of question, but it should be relevant to the cars and vehicles domain. Not meeting these guidelines will lead to moderation of the question and removal from the site.


What kind of events can be posted?
We allow members to post events like car auctions, runs, car shows, expos and other such events. Generally, the posted events should be associated with cars and vehicles.

Who can post events?
Members, like you, can post events in the section. Just gather the details of the event and proceed to the Events section to make your submission. It is that easy!

How authentic are the event listings? Are they completely accurate?
While we check event listings and moderate them from time to time, it is generally a good practice to verify the event details over a trusted source on the internet.


What are forums all about? How are they useful?
Forums are discussion boards where members come together to discuss topics, share insights and help fellow members with regular queries. These forums help connect car enthusiasts and promote a free flow of knowledge from the experienced to the inexperienced. It is also a great way to socialize and make new friends with similar interests!

What should be my first post about?
Generally, it is a good idea to start with a short introduction in the Introduce Yourself section in the forum. This helps you break the ice and connect with fellow members on the board.

How do I gain reputation on the board?
Over time, as you start posting frequently on the discussion boards, member will start recognizing you. Giving valuable feedback, answering questions and helping other members will let you build a reputation on the forum and share your knowledge. Being active on the forums is the key to building reputation in the community.