Privacy Policy

At, privacy of your information is of supreme importance. Our Privacy Policy reflects our desire to protect your vital information at all costs. The policy will apply to everyone who visits, and becomes a member of, and does not extend to any third parties or merchant sites that we may provide links to on our site. It does not extend to any transactions made between members, in terms of sales, as these do not have a direct impact on the site, and the implied privacy while using it. You agree to the terms mentioned in the policy by accessing the Site and hereby permit us to collect, store, and use the information as elaborated in the policy.

1. Types of Data Collected

We are committed to providing a better, personalized experience and that is the intent and purpose behind collecting personal information. We will never disclose such information to third parties, post it in a public forum, nor sell it to any agency for profit without your consent. The personal information required to gain registered access to our site includes: name, address, and email address. Visiting anonymously is also allowed, and you are under no obligation to register, unless you wish to use the advanced services on this site.

2. Cookies

Third party vendors that advertise on, like Google, may use cookies that may track our user’s response to their ads by following their clicks on links that lead to advertised sites. You have the option to opt out of being included in such a practice by visiting Google's ad and network privacy policy, concerning the use of cookies. also uses cookies so that we can track your preferences, customize content & advertising, monitor your orders & purchases every time you visit. This information is collected, and kept within our system so that we may use it to improve our services in the future. At no point in time are you required to accept cookies for using the site. You may continue to use the site with cookies turned off, but be advised that this might lead to some services not functioning properly.

3. How The Collected Information Is Used

The information collected from your registration is stored securely within our servers, and is accessed only by our staff. It is primarily used for contact purposes, so that we may keep all of our members up-to-date with what is going on with, especially when relevant items, questions, discussions or events have been posted to the site. As a gesture of protecting your privacy, we allow limited access of your personal information to other users participating in a transaction with you. In case you share your personal information with a buyer/seller on the site, we do not have any further control on how the person might use the information.

We also use the information that you give us to improve so that we may continue to serve all of your automotive needs. We use it to improve our service to you, and to further personalize the experience you receive every time you visit us. As part of our established policy, we do not sell any information to outside agencies for profit, and will only reveal such information to government agencies when compelled to by law.

4. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

This website, operated on behalf of, its agents and employees, is in full and complete compliance with COPPA, otherwise known as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. This means that we do not intentionally collect personal information from minors under the age of 13 that may visit our website. Every service we provide through this website is designed for, and directed to, persons that are age 18 or older.

5. Third Party Sites may contain links to other websites, known as Third Party Sites. We are not responsible for any practices on these sites concerning security, data collection, or the use of that data. Any concerns you might have about your personal security while visiting these sites should be directed to the administrators of those sites. If you have concerns, then we encourage you to read the Privacy Policy page on those Third Party sites before using them.

6. Communication

When you became a registered member of, you agreed to allow us the right to communicate freely with you, with all emails being directed to the address you provided. This communication can include, but is not limited to, updates on current and new listings, special events, reminders on outstanding listings, account issues, disciplinary actions, and new features. You have the right to opt out of receiving these communications by simply updating your preferences in the My Account section.

7. Passwords bears no responsibility for the security of your passwords as it may only be used by you for access to our website. It is instead the sole responsibility of each registered member to keep those passwords secure. We strongly suggest that you create passwords that are unique, strong, and made up of letters, numbers and characters that cannot be easily learned by outsiders. Do not use birthdates, anniversaries, nicknames or other easily known pieces of personal information as your password. We also recommend that you change your password often, for security reasons, to avoid having your account compromised.

8. User IDS

When you register with, you will create what is known as a User ID, a name by which you will be known when using this website. It will be displayed on every screen you see, and on every listing or post that you make while on It will become public information, over time, as other users become familiar with you on this site. This may pose a security risk, especially if you use your real name as all or part of your user ID.

9. How to Update your Account Information

At any point during your membership with, you can update your account information by clicking on the My Account prompt. Any information that you have posted on our website, including your user ID, password, listings, and wanted items, can be edited or deleted at your discretion.

10. Closing Your Account will, upon your request, take the necessary actions to close your active account. All personal information regarding your account will be removed from public view as soon as possible. As a matter of business, we will retain that information in our files for a limited time, in case of disputes, outstanding listings, or disciplinary issues stemming from violations of the User Agreement. Once those issues are settled, your information will then be purged from our files.

11. Information Security

Any information gathered from our users by is stored on our servers in Dallas, United States and is equipped with protective measures to keep that information secure and safe from prying eyes. However, even though we have put such stringent measures in place, our users should not expect that such information will remain private, as we cannot guarantee that our defenses will never be breached. Should it become compromised in any way, we will notify you by email at the last email address we were given.

12. Spam

At, spam is not to be tolerated in any form. No one is authorized, not staff, users, nor third parties, to add any users from to existing spam mailing lists or new spam mailing lists. Spam is not to be posted in any forums, listings and event pages, and is forbidden for any to use provided communication platforms to transmit or respond to spam in any form.

13. Warranties and Guarantees

At no time will recognize any warranty or guarantee, stated or implied, on items listed within our website for sale. We do not warrant the condition, price or availability of said items, and as such, bear no legal responsibility to guarantee that you will receive stated items, or to return any monies given for them. All details concerning such transactions are the sole responsibility of the seller and buyer, and are not legally binding in any fashion upon