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Toyota yaris or Chevy spark? What's better in your opinion? How do they handle in the snow? How are they on the highway? Which one is more roomy on the inside?


Comparison between Toyota Yaris or Chevy Spark


The Chevy Spark. Way better in snowy conditions and on the highway. However, it is less roomier inside.

almost 7 years ago by Michael Gorman


There's an only answer to this question: the Chevrolet Spark! What it lacks in interior space, it compensates in so many other areas of comparison. The Chevy is the car to choose!

almost 7 years ago by MBean


The CHEVY SPARK is KOREAN built, I think! The YARIS is GREAT and economical but is SLOW in acceleration! Why not get a VW TURBO DIESEL< that handles like a GERMAN ROAD CAR< adn gets 45 MPG"s all day long! The TDI will last for 400k miles EASILY! The bodies are WAY STRONGER and your safety is FIRST! Even the VW JETTA HYBRID is worth trying out before a SPARK or a YARIS! <<>> see which one is EASIEST to get in and out of, and which you are MOST COMFORTABLE IN, for position and such! A GOOD USED AUDI is STILL a GREAT DEAL! GOOD LUCK!!
The VW hybird is getting 49 MPG city and highway! ALSO consider a FORD C-max! They are EUROPEAN DESIGNED and made in MICHIGAN! The BEST of both worlds!

almost 7 years ago by John Wood

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