User Agreement

1. Overview

The website known as TreadTrader shall include all of the features and services that your membership allows you access to, as well as any emailed newsletters, member contact emails, and other media available only through the website itself. This media shall include classified listings, forums, questions and answer pages, and event listings. TreadTrader shall provide all of the necessary tools and platforms that will make access to these pages possible, and make them as easy to use as the technology will allow.

Among those tools and platforms are classified listings, where items will be listed by third parties and members for sale or trade. TreadTrader has the right to limit the type of services or items offered through the classified platform they provide, up to and including pornography, drugs and counterfeit or fraudulent items. Furthermore, TreadTrader bears no responsibility, nor do they guarantee the contents of the classified ads placed by third parties or members. TreadTrader is not monetarily responsible for any failed or negative outcomes of pending sales and transactions.

Among the tools and platforms provided are member forums, where members, administrators and staff of TreadTrader may communicate, express opinions, ideas, pose questions and provide answers to anything listed within these forums. Continued use of these forums by the membership is dependent upon each individual's adherence to the listed rules of conduct. No abusive language, threats, pornography or spamming is allowed in these forums, and TreadTrader reserves the right to remove any post that is in violation of the posted rules of conduct.

2. Eligibility

Use of the TreadTrader website shall be limited to those persons that are of legal age, and have the ability to enter into a mutual contract, as defined by law. By signing up with TreadTrader, you are affirming to us the fact that you are of legal age, at least 18, and that this membership will not be transferred or used by a minor, with or without supervision. Any action taken by members after eligibility has been verified and granted will be dependent upon adherence to TreadTrader's posted rules of conduct. Any deemed violation of those rules, in any capacity, can and will result in membership being immediately suspended, pending review by the administration. Persons who have been temporarily or indefinitely suspended from TreadTrader may not use the Services.

3. Registration and Representation

In order to use any of the services or features offered on TreadTrader, including the classifieds, forums and special event listings, you must be a registered member of TreadTrader. To do so, you must be willing to provide any and all personal information asked for during the registration process. This includes name, address, phone number, email address, as well as other information that the website, or its administrators may require for verification purposes.

By doing so, you hereby agree to provide accurate and complete information as requested by TreadTrader, and the duly provided registration form. By completing this form, you also pledge to maintain and update your contact information should it change, never maintain more than one user account, never transfer your account to another without our permission, and not open another account without our permission should your account be suspended.

For the sake of mutual security and safety, you also pledge upon registration with TreadTrader, that you will never publish contact information, your own or another user's in a public area, such as the classifieds or the forums. Lastly, you also pledge to not represent yourself as an agent of TreadTrader, neither online or offline. Should it be found that you have misrepresented yourself by providing false or erroneous information, your account shall be immediately suspended by administrators, pending investigation.

4. Using the Site and Services

As a registered user of TreadTrader, you are granted a limited license to use the Site, and only for the purpose for which it was created. This license grants you the ability to access our classified listings, and to be able to list postings of your own. Those postings shall be limited to the buying or selling of auto parts, accessories, and other auto related items. The limited license grants you the ability to read and post on our forums and question and answer page, while observing our posted rules of conduct.

By using the Site and Services of TreadTrader, you are in tacit agreement that you are of legal age, and have provided complete and accurate information as requested. You also agree that you will not post misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent information in any page sponsored by TreadTrader, including the classified listings, the forums, question and answer page or the special event listings. You also avow that you will not, at any time, use our pages to post libelous, false or hateful material against the site, another user or to the community as a whole. You pledge to not publish pornographic material or spamming, nor anchor links through postings to said materials.

You, as a user of TreadTrader, understand that any and all material posted on this site, with the exception of the classified listings, are the sole property and copyright of TreadTrader, and may not be copied, stolen, plagiarized, or otherwise used for personal or business profit on another website. You also are not allowed to copy, harvest, steal or otherwise obtain the personal information of other users and/or staff on TreadTrader, for personal or illegal use. Violation of any of the above license limitations will result in immediate suspension of said license, and may potentially lead to a permanent revocation of user privilege on this website.

5. Purchase Liability

When you become a seller on TreadTrader by listing items for sale through classified listing platform, you take full and legal responsibility that the item is in good condition, functions as it should, and is neither stolen nor counterfeit. You also take full and legal responsibility for completing any sale you make, from handling all communication between you and prospective buyers to obtaining monies promised. TreadTrader is not liable for any contracts or promises made between seller and buyer, and not legally bound in any fashion by allowing listings to be posted on the website.

As a buyer through TreadTrader, you take on full and legal responsibility for contacting the seller through provided channels, with no responsibility on the part of TreadTrader to act as an adjudicator or go-between. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to set the terms of the purchase exchange, including meeting place, inspection of item and negotiated price of purchase. TreadTrader is not responsible for any misleading or fraudulent practices on the part of the seller, nor is it required to act as an arbitrator in cases of failed contracts between buyer and seller. TreadTrader offers neither warranty nor guarantee on items sold through its classified listings, and all items sold should be termed as being 'as is' for legal purposes.

6. Privacy Policy

TreadTrader considers the privacy of its registered users to be important, and will do everything in its power to protect it. TreadTrader does not sell the personal information of any registered members to third parties for profit, and will only use any collected information as research material for site and customer service improvement. Full details of the scope of our policy can be found on our Privacy Policy page.

7. Changes

Should it become necessary for TreadTrader to make changes to its privacy policy, the website, or the user agreement, users of the site will be notified through email, outlining all proposed changes. Your continued use of the site after such notifications will be construed as acceptance, unless you contact the administrators by return email, outlining any concerns you may have.

8. Consent for Communication

By becoming a registered user on TreadTrader, and supplying us with an email address, you have given your implicit consent for electronic communication. The sources for this communication may include, but not be limited to, the administrators of this site, forum moderators, sellers and other users. TreadTrader will not use this communication for the purposes of spamming, and will not tolerate the practice by anyone through channels provided by the website. As a user, if you receive spam or abusive material, please report it immediately to the site administrators.

9. Applicable Law

By using the Site, you agree to abide by the laws of Texas and acknowledge that any dispute of any kind that might arise between TreadTrader and you will be administered by the provincial or federal court in Texas. You also agree to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and statutes regarding the use of our site and services.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013